Our Story

We are on a mission to revive the art of eating crêpes. We love crêpes. It all started with a simple craving for great crêpes…

We started traveling around the world looking for the perfect crêpe, and everywhere we could find crêpes we ate them. We then decided to take matters into our own hands and hunkered down in a kitchen experimenting with batters, temperatures, ingredients, and timing. Consequently, we developed over one hundred crêpe recipes with flavors from all around the world. After that, maybe it was the sweet smell of delicate batter cooking, or maybe it was the over consumption of Nutella, but the drive to bring this business into reality could not be stopped. 

Our Mission: To Revive The Art Of Eating Crêpes

Sweet Paris Crêperie had begun, and we were on a mission to sweeten the world! The word "sweet" in our name is intended to reflect the romantic convivial side within all of us, so we set out to build a tranquil French industrial chic space that would keep the focus on the colorful crêpes and would be conducive for families, friends, and lovers to indulge together in a beautiful setting. To revive this art we realize that a crêpe is a canvas and that a perfect delicious crêpe is the result of artistic cooking and using high quality ingredients.

In May 2012 we opened our first location Sweet Paris Rice Village.

In December 2013 we opened our second location Sweet Paris Vallarta.

In January 2015 we opened our third location Sweet Paris CityCentre.

In April 2018 we opened our fourth location Sweet Paris Katy.

In July 2018 we opened our fifth location Sweet Paris College Station

Sweet Paris Crêperie & Café was founded by young entrepreneurs, Allison Young Chavez and Ivan Chavez, who are on a mission to revive the art of eating crêpes. 

Eat Here, Feed There

Traveling around the world opened our eyes and reminded us that there are children in need of food. Inspired by successful for-profit businesses with built-in social causes, we decided to fight hunger with hunger and decided that Sweet Paris crêpes would participate in the fight against world hunger. 

We made ourselves the following promise and called it Eat Here, Feed There™. 

Houston Food Bank

For each crêpe sold with the Houston Food Bank logo, Sweet Paris will donate 33 cents to help provide meals to children in need. With the support of the community, Houston Food Bank is able to serve 800,000 people each year, nearly half of which are children.

For more information please visit www.houstonfoodbank.org

Fundación Delia Moran

In Mexico, Sweet Paris in Vallarta partnered with the local Fundación Delia Morán, which helps develop in under-served children the academic skills, intellectual habits, and qualities of character necessary to succeed in life. There, for each crêpe sold with the foundation logo, Sweet Paris donates $10 pesos to the Delia Morán Foundation. 

For more information please visit www.fundaciondeliamoran.org.